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All Guilds Meeting - August 2016

Аватар пользователя Doobes

It's the final 11 days until Obduction and a week since Mysterium, so Myst fandom was strong at this month's All Guilds Meeting.  The raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready for reading, as well as this summary of what went on at the meeting:

Obductee's Hood

Speaking of Obduction, explorers in the cavern have created a hood especially for Cyan's upcoming game.  Enders explained that their drive for new membership is ongoing, and any interested parties should contact neighbors of the hood.  A new avatar is recommended, but not required.

The Lost Art

Zeke365 stepped up to speak for MystiTech Productions, makers of the machinima project The Lost Art.  On behalf of the team, he thanked everyone for their support.  The prologue for The Lost Art, first shown at Mysterium last week, is now available on MystiTech's Youtube channel.


Doobes was last to discuss his various projects.  He mentioned he has joined with the MystiTech Productions team to provide them with in-game set pieces and sets for future filming. 

His planned memorial Age is also going well and plans to gather fan content for inclusion into the Age are still forthcoming.

Also, the next chapter of The Book of Lothias was still being written, with two Ages and one cavern location being developed parallel with the story.  The new chapter would be released as soon as it's finished, with subsequent chapters after that.

Finally, he mentioned a surface location being developed called Stan's, a service station located on the route to the cavern and the last stop before heading to Zandi's property and the cleft.  Explorers will be able to visit the station and the surrounding area.  It was also teased that a sister location to Stan's had been located elsewhere in the United States.

All details on Doobes' projects can be found on his Facebook page and screenshots of all his work so far can be found on his Photobucket.

Guild of Messengers

Lastly, Doobes and Nev'yn mentioned the GoMe's Cavern Crier New Explorer Info Session that would take place after the meeting.  Many people came to this event and the Guild thanks all of them very much for their support!

These sessions are ongoing and and generally scheduled one to two months after one another, generally after the All Guilds Meeting (but subject to changes). 

The next Info Session, not mentioned at the AGM, is tentatively scheduled for October.  Check back here for further updates.


That's all for this month.  The next All Guilds Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, September 3rd at 13:00 KI time in Kirel.


Remember to keep donating to the CAVCON to keep the lights on in the cavern!  Until next month!

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